What do we do?

We are a next generation Australian law firm assisting clients in Australia, and in the emerging markets within the Pacific, and South East Asian region.

We assist multinational clients, as well as small to medium sized enterprises.

Our core competence is assisting in transactions in highly regulated industries. Helping clients with their legal issues in the Pacific, and South East Asian region forms a significant proportion of our workload.

We are committed to your commercial ambitions.

What do we offer?

Our clients receive excellent service because we believe in servicing clients and their needs, not a law firm’s brand. We forge strong relationships with our clients. And we take the time to get to know and understand the environment in which our clients operate.

We only serve clients where we can be truly excellent, providing not just technical legal advice, but also adding strategic value.

What differentiates us?

We assist with Australian corporate and commercial transactions. This means we understand how large to small corporates operate, and how their decisions are made. And we adapt to suit our client’s commercial requirements as the market changes.

We understand what the risks are when a business ventures offshore to operate in the Pacific, and South East Asian region, so we provide clear and concise advice to add value. We help you understand an unfamiliar market, its culture, regulatory regime and commercial environment.

Why should clients prefer us?

Clients prefer to work with our firm and our team members because our clients tell us that we feel like an “in house” resource. Clients also come to us for assistance with transactions in the Pacific and South East Asian region because of our expertise and affiliations in that region.

And we’re agile enough to bolt on with your existing global or national legal advisers and work with them on large multi-jurisdictional projects.