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Market Entry + (FDI) Foreign Direct Investment

We understand the risks when a business ventures offshore to operate in another market.

We have extensive expertise undertaking due diligence exercises for clients wishing to invest, or establish operations in Australia, the Pacific, and South East Asian region.

We advise on all aspects of international trade and investment, including the impact of free trade and investment agreements. We also advise on international arbitration cases (treaty-based ISDS cases) initiated by investors against States under international investment agreements (IIAs).

Most jurisdictions in the Pacific and South East Asia have some form of foreign currency control, and we can advise on your compliance obligations so that you can remit funds when it is required.

Lastly, we can work with your tax advisors to ensure that you know the tax consequences (or approvals) which are going to impact on profits, remittances of capital or dividends from your offshore operations before you enter the market.

Recent Transactions

+ Australia

  • We advised a regional FMCG business on the establishment of its Australian subsidiary. This included immigration and tax options for the corporate, incorporated its Australian subsidiary, finalised its property lease and drafted all employment agreements for its Australian based personnel + Coordinated immigration and tax advisers for client
  • Advised an Australian BPO services company on its corporate structure including market entry into the Pacific, and restructuring its South African and Philippines subsidiaries under a Singapore holding company + Worked with our Singapore affiliate
  • Advised a Queensland based company on its foreign direct investment market into the Thai agarwood industry via a Singapore holding company + Worked with our affiliate in Bangkok.

+ The Pacific and South East Asia

  • We advised a major regional bank on its RMB currency exchange offerings through its Papua New Guinea and Fiji operations, including advising on foreign exchange regulatory approvals + Worked with our affiliates.
  • Advised a global credit card provider on its foreign exchange regulatory approvals for various Pacific jurisdictions, and whether it needed to obtain tax and regulatory approvals for its proposed business structure + Worked with our affiliates.
  • Advised a global telco company on its PNG market entry requirements including obtaining all regulatory approvals + Worked with our PNG affiliate.
  • Advised a global IT services company on its contractual setup for a two-year IT contract with a major regional financial institution, including advising on corporate structure, taxation issues, immigration requirements for relocating of expatriate staff, IR issues and foreign exchange requirements for funds remittance.