Indonesian law firm, Budidjaja International Lawyers has launched a strategic alliance with Australian based law firm, ANDE + Co.

The strategic alliance between both firms will allow clients to conveniently access Budidjaja International Lawyers’s Indonesian expertise, and Ande + Co’s Australian, and Pacific regional expertise.

Principals and staff of both firms have been working together for over three (3) years, and the alliance, which is effective immediately, enhances the relationship of the staffs of each firm, and the firms themselves.

The new strategic alliance also represents a huge milestone in the development of Budidjaja International Lawyers’s international presence, and helps in creating an integrated and dedicated point of contact in Jakarta and Sydney to assist clients with legal, strategic and regulatory requirements in Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific, and South East Asia.

“Budidjaja International Lawyers’ heritage in Indonesia stretches back for more than 10 years, and this Alliance marks the next stage of growth for both our firms,” said Tony Budidjaja, Budidjaja International Lawyers’ managing partner.

“Indonesia and Australia are close neighbours, fellow G20 members and important regional partners. The trade and economic relationship will only grow stronger as a free trade agreement is concluded, and businesses in both countries take advantage of the opportunities“ Tony Budidjaja stated.

In Indonesia, Budidjaja International Lawyers has established a strong presence across major cities in addition to Jakarta including Bali, Surabaya, Karawang, and Batam.

ANDE + Co is a next generation Australian law firm focusing on assisting clients in Australia, and in the emerging markets of the Pacific region.

“Our clients have been exploring opportunities in Indonesia, which has a population of more than 255 million, including a middle class of more than 45 million forecasted to grow to 135 million by 2020. That represents opportunities for businesses not just in Australia, but in New Zealand and the Pacific to supply the growing needs of Indonesian consumers with their goods and services” said Nitij Pal, ANDE + Co.’s principal.

“A strategic alliance with ANDE + Co. marks a key and significant milestone for our firm,” Tony Budidjaja added. “This is the base for our affiliate expertise. Within this we have a regional approach to create the best cross border, and in country solutions for our clients”.

“Both firms have a shared mindset in that the strategic alliance is more than just about the geographical presence of a law firm’s brand. Each firm, and their lawyers, share a common strategic outlook, and are absolute in their commitment to the Alliance and to clients for the long term” said ANDE + Co.’s Nitij Pal.

“We all know each other, visit the other’s offices regularly, have client contact in country which means we all have a shared history. That gives our clients comfort. But now we have ambitious plans to grow, and add value to clients” Tony Budidjaja stated.